It’s that time of year again…

The time when everywhere you look you will see tables with neatly stacked, colorful boxes strategically set up at every grocery store, corner market, pet store, drug store, strip mall and salon everywhere.

I almost forget about these delicious little cookies until I hear that cheerful voice asking, ‘Would you like to buy some cookies?’

I always do. I love supporting them and (let’s keep it real here) I love the cookies too. Who doesn’t? 


I’ve learned a few things over time that has helped me be able to enjoy these delicious cookie without over indulging.

First, I gained some perspective. I let go of the thought that it is wrong or shameful for enjoying them. That’s just ridiculous. One or two cookies isn’t terrible. However, over indulging isn’t going to help me in any way.

Second, I set up some strategies to help make it easier and more convenient to only eat one or two cookies at a time. Leaving the boxes of cookies out isn’t the best idea, especially if you are just starting to shift into healthier habits. I like to freeze some of the cookies so I can enjoy them a little at a time. (Thin Mints freeze great!) Another tip is to have a few go-to recipes for when I am craving something sweet. The best recipes that help us curb those cravings have a good balance of protein, carbs (especially fiber!) and healthy fat. I’m sharing three of those recipes with you!

This week I’ll be featuring protein smoothie recipes all inspired by three of my favorite cookies.

So, look out Girl Scouts… I’m coming to the rescue of cookie lovers everywhere. 😉

First up, The Thinner Mint. My take on the healthier version of one of my favorite cookies, the Thin Mint.

Does it taste exactly like a Thin Mint cookie?

Um.. no, sorry. You and I know that’s a silly question and I’m not about to lie to you and say it does. 😉 Nothing tastes exactly like it, but this comes really close while curbing your cravings, adding nutrients and keeping you satisfied.


  • clean protein powder (my favorite is MOM Fuel by MOMSanity HERE)
  • 4-5 fresh mint
  • 1-2 tsp cocoa (I use Barlean’s Greens Chocolate Silk)
  • heaping handful of leafy green (spinach is always a good choice)
  • 1 tsp flax
  • 6-8 ozs non-dairy milk of choice
  • ice if desired


  • place all dry ingredients into blender.
  • add non-dairy milk
  • add ice if desired
  • blend and enjoy