I see you in the butterfly landing;

It always seems purposeful.

I see you in every picture.

I know exactly where you’d be.

I see you in every empty chair;

You whisper, “This seat was meant for me.”

I see you in the bluebird’s perfectly timed visit.

A message from you, “Don’t cry. I’m here mommy.”

I see you the moments they take notice,

“I wish my brother could be here with me.”

I hear you in their giggles;

Your silence saying “what about me.”

I feel you in the gentle breeze;

A needed reminder there is peace within me.

I see you when they run and play;

The sound of your little feet echoes in my heart.

I see you when they say, “Let’s get Dad”;

There is always one more airplane ride yet to be had.

I feel you every one of their hugs;

Knowing just where you’re little arms would be.

I feel you when they kiss me goodnight;

Your kiss is also on my cheek.

I miss you when I fold their clothes,

Knowing it should take me a little longer.

I feel you when the sun kisses my skin;

A warm moment I steal and keep within.

I see you in your birthdays missed,

And everyday day between.

I see it when they’ve unknowingly forgotten you.

The thought of you slipping away saddens me.

I see you, my son.

I see you in everything.

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