Hey there. I’m Natalie Rensi, and I am so happy you are here!

I thrive when I’m leading – on-line and in-person – an amazing group of women (and few brave men) into living healthier lifestyles through one-on-one health coaching, personal training, buddy training and bootcamps. I’m an ACE certified Health Coach, NASM certified Personal Trainer and a Bootcamp Instructor. In addition to being a fitness professional, I am also a Nurse and have enjoyed working in the healthcare field for over twelve years now.

A little bit about me:

My love for fitness began at an early age when I joined a variety of local dance and gymnastics classes. From that very first class, my passion continued to grow and I began playing all form of sports, including becoming a member of an aerobic dance team and eventually taking up weight training. I have always loved feeling strong and healthy. And who knows, maybe the fact that I am less than 5 ft. tall was the driving force at a young age – I remember thinking, just because I’m short, doesn’t mean I am weak or helpless.

Strength was – and still is – empowering to me.

Over the years I developed a passion for all things physical, and this taught me resiliency and how to work hard in all areas of my life through exercise. This passion manifested into a career in the healthcare field as a nurse, and has ultimately guided me to a path that allowed me to become the certified personal trainer and health coach I am today. To say that I have exercise to thank for the healthy life I lead today would be an understatement.

But, what you wouldn’t expect me to say is that I also owe the death of my son, a tragedy in every sense of the word, in shaping me both personally and professionally into the woman I am today.

The loss of a child is tragic – too tragic for anyone to understand unless you have been there. I could have easily fallen apart, and to be honest, I did for a time. And if we’re really being honest, I STILL do from time to time. My pain from grief was enough to stop me in my tracks. That is until I realized I wasn’t honoring my son by the life I was living. And this is when two things happened for me. First, I gave my pain to God because it was too much for me to bear on my own, and I knew that without His help, I could not manage it. Second, I decided not only to live life, but I that would find joy, learn from this pain and live the best life I could. I let go of the fear that if I moved forward in a positive way, I would be letting go of my son or forgetting him in some way. Living after loss isn’t wrong. It’s  when we allow grief to keep us stuck that I find most tragic. I wasn’t going to allow myself, my grief to do that.

Simply put, I had an awakening.

I wouldn’t – shouldn’t – feel guilt or shame for moving forward with my life or wanting to be happy, to thrive, because it wasn’t what I was doing. There is no way I could EVER forget him. For me to thrive is to honor. It’s not forgetting at all. This is my message, my calling and my passion for doing what I do.

All that said, let me introduce myself to you one more time:

Hi, I’m Natalie.

I’m blessed to be the mother of four beautiful children, three living and one sweet angel I am certain I will see again someday. It’s my life’s work to help women realize that even though they experience tragedy (loss, pain, struggles, obstacles) they still have a say in how or if they move forward. They have control over their attitude and their actions. They – we –can and will rise with positivity to foster a growth mindset that HONORS tragedy, not forgets it.

It is without hesitation that I open my heart to you. I want to share my journey through my writing, coupled with my knowledge of fitness and nutrition, in hopes that it will help you on your journey. My only request is that you open your mind and slowly open your heart to the possibility that YOU too will be able to honor loss and thrive to honor, not to forget.

From My Heart,


Meet my family…

Top from left to right: Hagen, Suzie, Brian, Nat and Zane. Not pictured, but ALWAYS with us is Mac Bryson. Directly below: Hagen, Suzie and Zane at Mac’s Spot, celebrating Mac’s 7th Heavenly Birthday with Cake Pops. Bottom picture: Rocky Meatballs, our lively and loving Boxer.