A month-by-month online community empowering loss moms to join together striving towards their healthiest mind, body and heart.

Why Beyond Grief Lifestyle Club?

When you hear the words “grieving parent” many think “broken”, but I don’t. Grieving parents are not synonymous with brokenness. Yes, at times we feel broken. And yes, the loss broke us in a way that will know we will never quite be able to repair, but you and I (bereaved parents) know if we allow our grief it can help us grow and love like nothing else we have ever experienced. So, no, it isn’t synonymous with brokenness.

It is SO much more, isn’t it?

My name is Natalie Rensi and just like you, I know all too well what it is like to live as a grieving parent. It is hard. It can be LONELY. It one of the last things most people want to talk about and because of this, it is often misunderstood.

For you and I, grief is something we live with everyday. We know our grief as layers upon layers of emotions, experiences and feeling. Broken is simply one part of it. It doesn’t define us or our lives after loss. My stillborn son, Mac, taught me this. His loss has been an emotional rollercoaster, full of pain and joy.

After losing Mac it became so important for me not only grow beyond my grief, but to really LIVE in honor of him.

I craved to be my healthiest. I intentionally strived (and still do) towards my strongest mind, body and heart to allow me to live my life with the grief I will always carry. I did this for Mac, for my family I am blessed to share this life with, and for myself. What has happened as a result has been a series of many gifts I would have never experienced if it weren’t for Mac.

I want to share what I have learned and how I strive towards LIVING the best life I can with grief to help you on your journey.

I want you to be happy, healthy and strong while living with grief. I want you to look grief square in the eye and say, “If you are going to be a lifelong companion of mine, fine. But, we will live this life on my terms, not yours. I will not let you get the best of me. You will walk along side me in this life and although I will feel your company at times more than others; I will LIVE in honor of my loss. My love for my baby will radiate. You will walk along side me in this life and although I will feel your company at times more than others; I will LIVE in honor of my loss. My love for my baby will radiate through me.”

We both know this grief doesn’t have an expiration date. It isn’t something that we will ever “get over”, so why don’t we strive to live our healthiest life in honor of our loss?

Over the past few months, I’ve spoken to dozens of moms who have experienced grief and each have echoed one another saying, the process can feel extremely lonely. Many sharing how they wished to better their health, increase their energy, work on being fit and start feeling less lonely BUT didn’t know where to start. So, took a chance and created a FREE 15 day Remembrance Retreat for loss moms including everything I’d love to see in an ongoing community (fitness, nutrition, mindset and grief support through a wonderful online community). I was BLOWN away with what happened next. My heart was overflowing with the amount of love and support these beautiful women showed each other. The women not only joined and utilized the group they exceeded any expectations I had of what it could be and the amazing potential it had to help us. Many of the women expressing how they craved MORE than the 15 days we had… which is why I knew this Club needed to be created.  

We need a place where we can come together and connect with others who “get it” in a safe and comfortable community. 

A place where we can talk openly about our grief while we take steps towards better health.  I’ve created the Beyond Grief Lifestyle Club or “BGLC” (A month-by-month online membership empowering loss moms to join together striving towards their healthiest mind, body and heart.) to give us a safe place to do just this. I invite YOU to join me for the one-of-a-kind Club created specifically for moms like us.

BGLC is that safe environment we all crave. It focuses on bringing together women who want to strive towards better overall wellness while learning how to foster a positive growth mindset surrounding their grief. The women in this Club inspire, encourage and uplift each other. We all “get-it” and know we will have bad days, bad moments while on our journey towards a healthy lifestyle and support each other through those days.

It is time for us to “get-away” from the chaos of life and honor our loved one in an intimate safe community of moms who get it offering continued support and growth. Let’s strive towards our healthiest tomorrow together!



Like-minded women who “get-it”


Safe, private group where you will find encouragement and support from Natalie & fellow sisters in loss.


Break through fitness, nutrition barriers the right way.


Strive towards a healthier, stronger body with Natalie’s realistic approach to fitness.


Learn how to foster a growth mindset to not only live with your grief, but THRIVE.

Registration will open again beginning of 2017.


The BGLC is a month-by-month, zero risk (Cancel at anytime), online membership offering a “get-away” and empowering loss moms to join together striving towards their healthiest mind, body and heart.

I can’t stress enough how special this Club is. It isn’t your typical grief community where we simply talk about our loss. Our Club goes beyond our grief and focuses on us, the grievers. I wholeheartedly believe grief can take everything out of us at times and a healthy mind, body and heart is not just beneficial, it is a necessity.

As your fearless leader (Okay, I’m not exactly fearless, but I make up for it with my passion to help fellow loss mamas) I will guide you through this journey. Upon joining, you can expect:

  • Monthly theme and/or habit focus. This allows us the time needed to process information and ensure we are mastering new habits the right way! Small, steady steps forward is the best way to create lifelong healthy habits. We will cover all things under our wellness umbrella: fitness, food, mindset and grief.
  • Monthly Group Calendar mapping out our journey. The calendar will include our assignments, restorative exercise, workout suggestions nutrition tips and other goodies.
  • New home workouts each month!
  • Emails reinforcing our monthly theme or habit focus providing quality insights, tips, tools, education on mindset and assignments. (Don’t stress, everything is based on your comfort and although I highly encourage it, I will never force you to do an assignment you are not comfortable with.)
  • Private Facebook group. A safe place to not only talk to me for guidance, but to connect with other women who crave to stop living in spit of their grief and start living because of it!
  • Quick and healthy nutrient dense recipes for you to whip up.
  • Nutrition tips/tools related to monthly habit or theme focus.
  • Coaching to help you create restorative activity, enjoyable exercises and recipes created from nutrient dense, whole foods. Plus no-stress ways to implement each into your lifestyle.
  • Open and welcomed talk on our daily experiences, questions or concerns surrounding our grief and/or wellness journey. Anytime!
  • Featured guests posts from fitness professionals, medical professionals, counselors, nutritionists and healthy recipes gurus.
  • Full access to me, your coach and sister in loss, (Monday-Friday) through the Private Facebook group. I will answer your questions on workouts, nutrition and share my insights on grief. There are no questions you cannot feel uncomfortable asking and nothing in my grief or health and fitness journey is off limits. I am an open book and I am here for you wholeheartedly.
  • No long term contracts. This is a month-by-month membership without a locked in commitment. That’s right, no risk. You are able to cancel at anytime and rejoin when you miss us.

Our Club is an amazing get-away for us. A safe and relaxed environment where we, loss moms, can let our guards down, ditch the shame or guilt surrounding our loss, and instead acknowledge our loved one in any way WE are most comfortable. Together we strive towards a stronger mind, body and heart. I hope you join us!

Registration will open again beginning of 2017. Get on the wait list!

Who is it for?

  • Loss moms needing to feel support within a safe community.
  • Those of us whom have the tragedy of losing a baby or child and now wanting to learn how to move forward in healthy direction, desiring the ability to foster a growth mindset to help them learning, grow and even thrive while living with their grief.
  • Women wanting to create a healthier lifestyle; desiring to learn more about how exercise and nutritious food can help us as we grieve.
  • Women who do not want stress filled exercise routines, demanding too much of their precious time.
  • Women who want to make healthy changes, realistic to their lifestyle, even if that means taking her time and not following the latest quick fix craze other women are doing.
  • Women who know lasting healthy changes mean slow and steady, not quick, stressful and all at once.

Who is it NOT for?

  • Loss moms content with being stuck in their grief, not wanting support or help from other loss moms.
  • Those not ready to open their mind or heart to the possibility of loving and even thriving while grieving.
  • Those unwilling to work on their health through doable activity and realistic nutrition.
  • Women desiring cookie cutter diet plans or high-intensity, time consuming workouts.
  • Women wanting an immediate “quick-fix” instead of small and effective steps towards lasting results.

If the thought of improving your health, connecting with fellow loss moms and opening your heart to embracing life with grief causes extreme resistance in your heart… You are not ready and this is OK. When you are ready, you will know and we can connect then.

Come together with an amazing group of sisters in loss to strive towards your healthiest mind, body and heart.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some Remembrance Retreat and BGLC members are saying…

Thank you for everything you have done for us in the group, in remeberance of our babies and our pain, and teaching us the physical and mental strength we need to continue this journey. I don’t think I’m the only one who feels we have all gained a great mentor and great friend through this experience.


Natalie this was such an amazing group. As said before, I haven’t seen one like it. The support and interaction from you has been great as well as the support everyone has given to each other. It’s only been 15 days, but it has been a very comfortable atmosphere and very welcoming.


Thank you Natalie Rensi for creating this & giving us a safe place to talk. & To also being an amazing mentor with physical, mental, & emotional well-being advice. You are truly one of a kind. ?


Thank you so much Natalie for this group. I was not as interactive as I should have been put kept up with the posts and followed the activities. There is an amazing group of ladies here . I hope that you will consider doing another retreat soon!!


I cannot say enough about the Remembrance Retreat and the job Natalie did preparing the content and guiding us through the 15 days. It could not have come a better time for me as my daughter’s first birthday was October 17 which was right at the end of our retreat. The environment she created was open and safe and it allowed us to speak freely with each other about the topic of the day or whatever may have been our challenge or success of the moment. Within the group, I shared a photo of my daughter Madison for the very first time publicly and it was so powerful for me. It felt so reaffirming to hear other moms comment about how beautiful and perfect she was – they saw her as I did. It gave me the courage to share her photo with my friends and family – something I had not done before. The experience was incredible and I felt as though I made connections and friends that I will continue to stay in touch with long after! I look forward to participating in future retreats!


I am so thankful to have been connected to Natalie and to have had the opportunity to participate in the Remembrance Retreat. As this was my first October after the loss of our son I wasn’t sure how to best spend “Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month” but this was it. Natalie connected many things that are important to me, the health and well-being of our body, mind and spirit with the grieving process of those who have experienced infant loss. She was holistic in her approach, creative and compassionate and provided a platform for sharing, learning, growing and connecting. It was such a gift. I look forward to opportunities like this in the future and would recommend this retreat to others.


I’m so happy that I joined this retreat because it has helped me feel like I’m not alone in my situation. I would say how much I admire each of you women for the strength you have each and every day. I love you all for being with me in my darkest hrs of life. You are such an amazing coach, women, and mother. Natalie Rensi I love how hard you work to help all of us.



Like-minded women who “get-it”


Safe, private group where you will find encouragement and support from Natalie & fellow sisters in loss.


Break through fitness, nutrition barriers the right way.


Strive towards a healthier, stronger body with Natalie’s realistic approach to fitness.


Learn how to foster a growth mindset to not only live with your grief, but THRIVE.

Remember, this is not a contract you are locked into. This is risk-free. You are able to cancel your membership at anytime and then rejoin again when you miss us. 

Upon sign-up to wait list you will received an email from me with instructions on what come next. Be sure to keep your eye out for it! 

Legal Chit-Chat 😉

The information and advice offered here represent the considered the opinions of Natalie Rensi, Coaching and offered for general informational purposes. However, Natalie Rensi, Coaching is a certified personal trainer and is not a licensed physician, psychiatrist, therapist, dietician or nutritionist. Accordingly, the opinions presented regarding health, diet, nutrition, and weight loss (including but not limited to recommendations on dietary and nutritional supplements and food choices) do not constitute medical advice, are not a substitute for advice from licensed professionals, and are not intended for purposes of diagnosing, prescribing, or treating any disease, condition, illness, or injury.

Upon cancelation of membership, you will be removed from BGLC immediately, including private Facebook group. You can and will be able to join again when you miss us.