Dear Mac; Letters To My Stillborn Son…

My son, Mac Bryson, born still on August 17, 2012, changed my life in the most amazing ways. His short life has made such a great impacted my life. It is inspiring me to not only THRIVE, but to do so BECA– USE of his short life, not in spite of it. I don’t want to just go through life; I want to LIVE life and appreciate the small things just as much as the big. I realize the two children I am able to love, hold and watch grow are amazing gifts from God. I want to love them and appreciate them for the blessing they are, just like their angel brother. My mission, as their mother, is to inspire them to love life through the good times and the unfortunate trials. All this is because of my stillborn son, Mac.

I miss him more than words could describe. I long for the day I will watch him run into my arms while listening to him calling my name. My faith tells me this will happen. His death was not a goodbye, but a see you later. Until then, I find comfort in raise the two children I am blessed to have and writing to Mac when I need to feel close to him.

These are my heartfelt letters to my son, Mac. I hope you find comfort and inspiration from them.