My Stress-LESS Fitness Prospective

Okay, admittedly, I’m not the best at naming my workouts or blog titles.  BUT, I DO feel like I have the expertise, skill set and unique perspective giving me some really great stuff to talk about. Just like I love handing out free workouts, I LOVE dropping quality perspective bombs on my clients and sharing them with you here.

Health and fitness is big industry full of noisy chatter. Not all of it is helpful and useful. In fact, a lot of this so-called advice is damaging. We put enough pressure on ourselves to do right in every single aspect of our lives as it is. We certainly don’t need someone else shaming us into thinking we are not enough just because we don’t strut our six pack abs wearing a two piece or contently eat chicken and broccoli at every meal. The thing is, all this unhealthy chatter can lead us down a path of self-destruction. It can suck us into a one-size fits all mentality where we only get frustrated when what works for someone else isn’t working for us.

Think about this: Why would one specific diet or exercise plan be the one and only answer to anyone and everyone’s answer to reaching goals? That is CRAZY. We all have different likes and dislikes. For example: My favorite color is yellow. I also LOVE jamming to oldies while cooking and cleaning, Fall Out Boy while working out, Christian music while driving and either JJ Heller or Rachel Platton when writing.  Does that mean you should now do as I do? No, you wouldn’t. It seems pretty second nature to admit our different likes and dislikes with these things. Why wouldn’t we listen and apply this mentality to reaching our health and fitness goals too? Why not embrace it? I’ll tell you honestly, you feel a sense of freedom when you do what you like in fitness. Same goes for diet. I LOATH cycling. I really mean loath it. I want to like it. I really do. It looks like such a fun workout but, I truly would rather scrub 20 toilets. There is nothing wrong with cycling or anyone who loves it. It just isn’t for me. Just like kale isn’t my favorite food. (There I said it out loud.) It hasn’t been until recently I completely owned the fact that I kinda think it is gross. I tried really hard to like it but find I barely tolerate it. Now, I pass on it enjoying my spinach 1,000 times more.

Why do we feel the need to punish ourselves for not following the “perfect plan” perfectly? But, you know, we all do it or have done it. I know, I have. Why not make healthier choices that we enjoy- even if it is different than your neighbor?

My fitness blogs are a great way for me to give insights into my journey helping women realize they can achieve their health and fitness goals in a way that is shame and guilt free. Enjoying a lifestyle that strives towards their healthiest mind, body and heart while they stress-LESS.

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Free Workouts!

I love sharing fast and fun workouts! My goal is to teach women that fitness does not have to consume your life to be effective. You do not need to ignore all off your priorities to reach your goals. Most importantly, you do not have to do a complete overhaul on your life to be fit. If you are like me, family takes priority over workouts. Yes, fitness is important to me. It helps me in many ways be a better (read less moody, more energy) wife, mom, friend and coach. Fitness is a very important part of my life BUT, I have learned how to balance my fitness while prioritizing being a wife, mom and entrepreneur. Because of this I am able to enjoy the benefits a fit and healthy body bring without stressing over rising out on what life is all about.

I help the women I coach do the same!

Fitness, after all, is not a punishment. There is no reason for it to be  super intense and LOOONNNGGGG in duration to be effective. AND NO, your workout doesn’t have to hurt or make you question your ability to live through it.

What it should do it leave you feeling accomplished and confident, not battered and defeated. It should be challenging and enjoyable. Remember, you are fitting fitness into your life. You are not fitting your life into your fitness. Therefore, your workouts should move you closer to your goals, not your neighbors. It is ok to follow a different route to your goals. Do what works for YOU.

After all, our bodies are blessings, right? We should take care of them, honor them and move them in a way we both benefit from and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these FREE workouts! I’d love to hear what you think. Leave your comments below. Feel free to let me know what you would like to see too. If it is something I can do, I’ll try hard to make it happen.

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Im-PRESS-me Workout

Plank-It-Out Abs