Remembrance Retreat is a FREE 15 day online get-away empowering loss moms to strive toward their healthiest mind, body & heart.

When you hear the words “grieving parent” many think “broken”, but I don’t. Grieving parents are not synonymous with brokenness. Yes, at times we feel broken. And yes, the loss broke us in a way that will know we will never quite be able to repair, but you and I (bereaved parents) know if we allow our grief it can help us grow and love like nothing else we have ever experienced. So, no, it isn’t synonymous with brokenness.

It is SO much more, isn’t it?

My name is Natalie Rensi and just like you, I know all too well what it is like to live as a grieving parent. It is hard. It can be LONELY. It one of the last things most people want to talk about and because of this, it is often misunderstood.

For you and I, grief is something we live with everyday. We know our grief as layers upon layers of emotions, experiences and feelings. Broken is simply one part of it. It doesn’t define us or our lives after loss. My stillborn son, Mac, taught me this. His loss has been an emotional rollercoaster, full of pain and joy. After his loss it became so important for me not only grow beyond my grief, but to really LIVE. I craved to be my healthiest. I intentionally strived (and still do) towards my strongest mind, body and heart to allow me to live my life with the grief I will always carry. I did this for Mac, for my family I am blessed to share this life with and for myself. What has happened as a result has been a series of many gifts I would have never experienced if it weren’t for Mac.

I want to share what I have learned along with how I strive towards LIVING the best life I can with grief to help you on your journey. I want you to feel happy, healthy and strong while living with grief. I want you to look grief square in the eye and say, “If you are going to be a lifelong companion of mine, fine. But, we will live this life on my terms, not yours. I will not let you get the best of me. You will walk along side me in this life and although I will feel your company at times more than others; I will LIVE in honor of my loss. My love for my baby will radiate through me.”

We both know this grief doesn’t have an expiration date. It isn’t something that we will ever “get over”, so why don’t we strive to live our healthiest life in honor of our loss?

Over the past few years, I’ve spoken to countless moms who have experienced grief and each have echoed one another saying, the process can feel extremely lonely and overwhelming. Many sharing how they wished to better their health, increase their energy, work on being fit and start feeling less lonely BUT didn’t know where to start … which is why I knew this Retreat needed to be created.  We need a place where we can come together and connect with others who “get it.” A place where we can talk openly about our grief while we take steps towards better health.  I created The Remembrance Retreat (A FREE 15 day online “get-away” empowering loss moms to strive toward their healthiest mind, body and heart) to give us a safe place to do just this. I invite YOU to join me for my annual Remembrance Retreat created specifically for loss moms like us.

It’s time for us to “get-away” from the chaos of life and honor our loved one in an intimate and safe community of moms who get it. Let’s strive towards our healthiest tomorrow together!

What is it?

Remembrance Retreat is a FREE 15 day online “get-away” empowering loss moms to strive toward their healthiest mind, body and heart.

This isn’t your typical grief community where we simply talk about our loss. This FREE Retreat goes beyond our grief and focuses on us, the grievers. I wholeheartedly believe grief can take everything out of us at times and a healthy mind, body and heart is not just beneficial, it is a necessity.

You will experience:

  • A safe and relaxed environment where we, loss moms, can let our guards down, ditch the shame or guilt surrounding our loss, and instead acknowledge our loved one in any way WE are most comfortable.
  • A comfortable setting where you are free to talk about your loved one in any way you need.
  • New ways on how to “handle” negative, hurtful or less than desirable comments and reactions towards your grief.
  • Encouragement to embrace vulnerability, ask for help when you need it and confidently stand strong when unable to get the support you feel you need from those around you.
  • Realistic tools to creating a healthy and strong body with me by your side every step of the way for 15 days
  • Coaching to help you create restorative activity, enjoyable exercises and recipes created from nutrient dense, whole foods.

Who is it for?

  • Loss moms needing to feel support within a safe community.
  • Those of us whom have suffered the tragedy of losing a baby or child and now wanting to learn how to move forward in health, desiring the ability to foster a growth mindset to help them learning, grow and even thrive while living with their grief.
  • Loss moms wanting to create a healthier lifestyle; desiring to learn more about how exercise and nutritious food can help us as we grieve.

Who is it NOT for?

  • Loss moms content with being stuck in their grief, not wanting support or help from other loss moms.
  • Those not ready to open their mind or heart to the possibility of growing, loving and even thriving while grieving.
  • Those unwilling to work on their health through doable activity and realistic nutrition.

If the thought of improving your health, connecting with fellow loss moms and opening your heart to embracing life with grief causes extreme resistance in your heart… You are not ready and this is OK. When you are ready, you will know and we can connect then.

How does it work?

As your fearless leader (Okay, I’m not exactly fearless, but I make up for it with my passion to help fellow loss mamas) I will guide you through this journey providing you with:

  • 15 Day Calendar mapping out our journey. The calendar will include our assignments, activity/exercise, nutrition tips and other goodies.
  • Private Facebook group. A safe place to not only talk to me, your coach, for guidance, but to connect with other women who crave to stop living in spite of their loss and start living because of it.
  • Daily posts guiding you through the Retreat.
  • Quick and healthy nutrient dense recipes for you to whip up.
  • Coaching on restorative activity along with effective and enjoyable workouts or exercises.
  • Full access to me through the Facebook group. I will answer your questions on workouts, nutrition and share my insights on grief. There are no questions you cannot feel uncomfortable asking and nothing in my grief or health and fitness journey is off limits. For this retreat, I am an open book and I am here for you wholeheartedly, every single day.

What we cover:

  • Tools for handling negative, hurtful or less than desirable comments regarding YOUR grief.
  • Healthy grieving.
  • Giving yourself permission to talk about your loss.
  • Strategies for when feeling unsupported.
  • How exercise can help with grief.
  • Daily activities
  • 2 Beneficial nutrition habits revealed along with tips to help you incorporate them into your diet.
  • Simple and effective healthy eating tips to help you create a healthy lifestyle that is realistic to your life.