Let’s face it, we ALL know steamed veggies trump a side of fries, right? I think it is safe to say we have a basic understanding of what is healthy and what isn’t. We just don’t do it all the time, right? SO, why does this happen? Why do you think that is?

After working with countless clients and taking my own experiences into considerations, I think I know exactly what it is.  I do not believe it is due to lack of knowledge on what healthy eating looks like. I believe it is our approach and the common thought that healthy is an all or nothing mindset.

Think about the last time you dieted. Did you jump right into lots of changes all at once? How did that make you feel? What did that look like for you after a week or two weeks? Was is sustainable? I’m guessing it wasn’t, right? I’m also guessing it causes a little (if not a lot) of stress, anxiety, shame or guilt too.

All too often we jump on board some new and promising diet causing a complete overhaul on our entire lifestyle. We set ourselves up to fail by not choosing the right strategy. Think about it, change habits we have practiced for years (maybe even our entire life) cementing them in our daily routine. A routine we can now go about effortlessly. Like brushing our teeth, it requires little to no effort for us to choose the fries instead of the veggies. It makes no sense for us to focus on EVERYTHING all at once, does it? Can you imagine the effort it would take? It is no wonder we jump on and off the diet band wagon, you know?

As a nurse, certified nutrition coach and personal trainer, my expertise and skill set lies in helping you create the habits and strategies for a healthy and successful plan. We start where you are and work towards where you want to be. I help you break it down into doable, stress-LESS steps. This is where my passion is. I want you to succeed, to feel great and gain confidence!

Below I share tips on healthy eating (and some fitness strategies) to help you strive towards your healthiest mind, body and heart.

Just a reminder from my good friend, Jamie, and I:

Healthy eating shouldn’t be stress filled and miserable. You should be allowed to enjoy your food and your life while making healthy changes. Remember to allow yourself grace and enjoy the process!