Life After Loss

Grit and grace…

That’s what it takes to live life after loss. It can be near impossible at times, requiring us to dig deep for the grit it takes to face life day after day. That’s not all… It isn’t always about mustering up courage, and pushing through the pain. It requires a gentleness too. It requires grace. We need to know it’s okay to be gentle with ourselves. We so freely show grace to others and find wrong to show it to ourselves. We must give ourselves permission to feel our loss all and fall apart at times too.

Life after loss requires us to know and trust ourselves enough to figure out which we need and knowing we are capable of the having the grit and allowed the grace needed.

“Is He Breathing?”

Beyond Grief Community

BEYOND GRIEF COMMUNITY or “BGC” is my FREE online community empowering loss moms to strive toward their healthiest life, mind, body and heart. We talk grief, fitness, healthy eating and support each other along the way. Click the link to join!

Remembrance Retreat

A FREE 15 day online “get-away” empowering loss moms to strive toward their healthiest mind, body and heart. Click the link to learn more!