“An online community of individuals getting fit and healthy, cultivating a resilient mindset, and supporting each other along the way.”


Together, we will lose fat, build strength and muscle, and learn how to incorporate healthy habits into our lifestyle without obsessing and stressing over it.

If you are looking for quick fix, trendy fad diet or new workout craze of the moment, you won’t find it here. What you will find are effective exercise that will work for a busy lifestyle, practical nutritional tools and tips along with helpful strategies to apply it all without the stress.

As a wife, mom, nurse and fitness professional, I know what it takes to get in shape and lose weight navigating a busy lifestyle. AND I know that it takes support and accountability to get there.


There will be days when your motivation registers a big ZERO and a workout is the last thing you want to do.

There will be times when you feel like jumping off the healthy eating track because it can be difficult while others are eating “whatever they want.”

There will be days when your priorities change in an instant putting your workouts and/or healthy eating plans second and tempting you to feel like you are failing.

There will be moments of self-doubt and frustration where you question it ALL.

There will be times when you feel like your effort surpasses your results and you are spinning your wheels.

There will be times when you feel like nobody else “gets-it”.

And there will be times when you are working so hard all you crave is acknowledgement for your efforts and wins (big and small) BECA– USE you have worked so hard and want someone to know what you are going through.

That’s where I come in. I have your back and will be here to support you and cheer you on every step of the way. That’s where this amazing group comes in too! The Club is a safe place we can be ourselves, work towards our goals and let go of the idea that the ONLY way to reach our goals is to be perfect.

The club will kick off January 2nd!


I’ll give you the tools you need to design the healthy, fit lifestyle you desire, supporting and guiding you daily in the MACfit Lifestyle Club private Facebook group. All of your workouts, nutrition info, and resources will be available in the FB group, in downloadable form. It’s also the place where you can ask questions, get motivated and inspired, and have accountability to keep your momentum going.
We’ll cover fitness, nutrition and mindset topics in the group, giving you an opportunity learn and grow with the tools needed to be successful. Such topics can include navigating cravings to the 3 main diet categories to what exercises work best to the importance of stress management in fat loss and much more.

Individual coaching calls are available for purchased for a more customized program and targeted troubleshooting.

Your membership commitment is only $19.99/ month with no contract. Cancel at anytime.


  • Those who are driven and determined to live a fit and healthy lifestyle; desiring to learn more about how exercise and nutritious food can benefit our overall health.
  • Those who crave a healthy and fit lifestyle without the stress filled exercise routines, demanding too much of their precious time.
  • Those comfortable and confident implementing suggested healthy habits into their lifestyle at their  pace and in their time.
  • Those with the desire to complete provided workouts on own and without face to face training appointments. (No gym membership required)
  • Individuals who want to make healthy changes realistic to their lifestyle not their neighbors, friends or families lifestyles.
  • Those that cringe at the thought of following the latest quick fix craze.
  • Individuals who acknowledge lasting healthy changes take time to develop and are not forced or rushed.
  • Those that enjoy community encouragement and support from other like-minded individuals striving for better health and fitness along side of them.


  • Individuals desiring cookie cutter diet plans with exact details on what to eat, how much and when.
  • Anyone craving high-intensity, time consuming or long duration cardio workout plans.
  • Those wanting an immediate “quick-fix” instead of small and effective steps towards lasting results.
  • Those that enjoy guilt and shame ridden coaching style with strict rules and no compromises.
  • Those with the mindset of one diet fits all or one approach fits all.
  • Anyone unwilling to commit to improving their health and fitness on their own time and in their own way through the guidance of MACfit Lifestyle Club coach, Natalie.
  • Those finding themselves making excuses to avoid change and/or are unwilling to make the effort needed to be successful.
  • Those not wanting to be part of a supportive group of like-minded people.

Starts January 2nd. Make sure you secure your spot!

MACfit LIFESTYLE CLUB is a no-contract $19.99/ month commitment. Stay as long as you want and cancel anytime. Upon cancellation you’ll be immediately removed from the group, but all the downloads and info are yours to keep.

Upon sign-up and purchase you will received two emails. The first will be to confirm your “subscription to MACfit Lifestyles emails.” You will need to confirm your subscription to receive the second email. The second from me with membership fee instructions as well as what to do next.  Keep your eye out for them!

The information and advice offered here represent the considered the opinions of Natalie Rensi, Coaching and offered for general informational purposes. However, Natalie Rensi, Coaching is a certified personal trainer and is not a licensed physician, psychiatrist, therapist, dietician or nutritionist. Accordingly, the opinions presented regarding health, diet, nutrition, and weight loss (including but not limited to recommendations on dietary and nutritional supplements and food choices) do not constitute medical advice, are not a substitute for advice from licensed professionals, and are not intended for purposes of diagnosing, prescribing, or treating any disease, condition, illness, or injury.