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Hi there. I’m Natalie (You can call me Nat), the author behind the words living on this site. It’s a labor of love for me. It’s a chance to heal, to connect and allow others a peak inside the ordinary life of a Mom carrying grief as best she and her family can.
I’ve grown a lot over the past several years. Mac, my stillborn son, is a big reason why. Loss will do this, if you allow it.
I’ve learned the life I live doesn’t have to be extraordinary to be meaningful. Writing fills my cup. It is what I turn to in times of heartache, to lock in memories, record milestones, shenanigans and to tell our story.
That is what you will find here.
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My motto…

Live your life with grit and grace.

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I’m getting personal on what being the mom of a stillborn means to me, life after loss and how to best take care of yourself after grief has turned your world upside down. (Emails from me to you delivered when my kids let me sit down and write them. READ: This is not a daily or weekly thing 😉 )

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